SAN JOSE- The map of San Jose is located at map of Cotabato showing location of General Santos City.


Word/Philippines/Southern Mindanao/San Jose,5km from center. Aspang is one of the  attraction of  tourism. Tourist intiristing the map of San Jose because  located in part of San Jose General Santos City and Salacafe. Maps,weather,videos,and airports for San Jose, Philippines is mid-range,large range map and temperature chart… 59 nm, E,General Santos City. 7.7nm,S ,6th parallel north. STI College not available because us an address is J.Catolico Avenue General Santos City Department of Agriculture. September 22,2011  60 Farmer-members of the Greenland Asparagus Produces Multipurpose Cooperative at Barangay San Jose.

Photo of ...                                                                                                                           River Side- The Tourism attraction in water sport in boat racing are the popular attractions of the river, A river 104 crossings in Fataldao in Barangay San Jose region, situated in the southermost part of Mindanao.

Fataldao- This is Fataldao in the barangay San Jose. Its one of the poorest areas. Socksargen Discourses July 2,2010 around the city will happen the following day. Mountainous and rolling terrain in barangay San Jose and Sinawal. Voices fail to reverberate at General Santos City political landscape.

Bagong Silang- June 30,2011 the event was actually divided into 2 legs at Sitio Bagong Silang, Barangay San Jose General Santos City. The 7 falls of Bagong Silang.June 1,2010 Mangrove tree planting party. The 7 falls of San Jose is located at Bagong Silang . Febrary 15,2010 a hot water of bagong silang  hot spring, we can cook the eggs of hot spring and relax our body. December 14,2008 the 2nd of 7 falls. God wonderful gift in falls.

                                                                              Dole Stanfilco- have a many banana and pineapple in the San Jose.                                                                                                                                                                             A pineapple, on its parent plant


The beauty of San Jose

The view of San Jose is very beautiful like in Bagong Silang,Lumbang,Shuttle and River Side. In Bagong Silang we have 7 Falls and hot spring,we can cook eggs in hot spring and we can relax our body.In the River Side we can see the cemetery and as of its name it is on the side of the river.In Lumbang we can see a beautiful river in San Jose. And the last one is the Shuttle,we can see in shuttle the product of dole,like banana and pineapple.

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Hello world! I wan’t to introduce my self, i’m Gwendelyn Salas,I choose this topic because I want to know the other world about the beauty of San Jose.THANK YOU………………………..